Friday, April 1, 2011

99% complete

Let's review.


This sofa showed up in my house sometime in Dec 2009. And it sat around for almost a year before I posted about it again. Then I messed around for a couple of months with the idea of making a slip cover for it. And then almost 2 years (!) after it arrived in my house I finally committed to a complete reupholstery job in Jan 2011. Then in the last month things really got moving. In my last post I shared a picture with fabric attached!

Well, my friends. It's 99% finished. If you notice in the before photo there are some buttons on the sofa back and I was debating on putting them on or not. I'm leaning on yes. My husband says leave them off. So, what should I do?


{Ah! I am so excited about how this turned out!}

{Full room shot}

I added new curtains to the living room too. I am really in love with them. Good thing too because they were on clearance which means they are non-returnable. They add a bit of pattern and make the room feel more grown up. I think I am going to sell the Falcon chairs and use the money towards his and her reading chairs. Or, if I can, find another vintage sofa/sectional to put in the room. Now, buttons or no?


  1. Gorgeous! You did a fantastic job--you should be very proud! I'm so impressed by your skills. The entire room looks great.

  2. I side with Jeff on this one, no buttons! But it really does look amazing, love the curtains as well.

  3. Oh you did a fantastic job!! Leave the buttons off, I think it looks better without them. Lots of fluffy pillows to soften the clean (beautiful) straight lines.

  4. AHHHHH!!! It's gorgeous! I'm so, so impressed with your skills. The entire room looks amazing - the curtains, those great leather chairs. Enjoy it.

  5. Wow, it looks amazing!! And the full room shot is gorgeous - but it makes me think no buttons since the chairs have some tufting. FABULOUS job!

  6. You did the sofa! It looks great

  7. I am experiencing some serious envy about this sofa!! You did a great job and I liked how the buttons looked but also really like the clean lines without them! Your room looks great and you did so much with a small space!! WOW


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