Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sofa Progress!

She's down to her undergarments! It is a serious misnomer that upholstery is a sewing project. It's not. It's about thousands upon thousands of staples! I won't go as far to say if you can work a stapler than you can complete this task, but it may not be far off. When I first started working on this sofa I really never thought about the piece as one gender or another. But as I spend countless hours working over every inch of its surface, I started referring to "it" as a "her". She's fit, she's classy, and when I'm done with her I think I'll call her Chanel.


  1. OMGoodness .. "she" is going to be something! I adore her lines .. and the name Chanel is absolutely perfect.

  2. i'm excited to see the results! it's quite an undertaking you have there.


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