Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Second attempt

So I decided to just commit. Commit to a complete reupholster job on the vintage sofa. After months of collecting cat hair (very well, I might add) unused and unloved, I gabbed the husband and we moved it to a better lit room so I could start carefully disassembling it. I have read through three books from the library on upholstering and I have been spending the last two hours browsing the internet and reading this blog. So cross your fingers. Here I go!

Also, I finally purchased drapes for the living room pictured above. This photo was taken sometime last year and have remained that way since. About a month ago I found some lined 95'' panels on JCPennyOutlet.com for $8/panel. Crazy awesome price, I know! The shipped to the store for free. They weren't exactly what I was hoping for, but they will do for now. Since they are lined they will help with insulating the house this winter. I'll grab a photo tomorrow morning to share.


  1. thanks for that blog, I have a chair I have been dying to reupholster :)

  2. GZood luck! Can't wait to see the results!


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