Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sofa progress- home stretch

As you can see.... there is fabric on the sofa! Still lots of stapling to do though. Both the right and left arms are done and fitted really well. I have to wait for an extra set of hands to staple the bottom edge under and the top edge over. If I'm not careful and pull evenly before stapling these long horizontal lines I could end up with waves. Not what I am hoping for. Once the top edge is secured I can add the buttons to the sofa back. And the cushion just arrived. It was shrink wrapped for shipping so they recommend to let it sit for a day to rebound.

^I seriously just patted myself on the back at this beautifully fitted curve.^

PS. I have destroyed my house with this project! That and my cat has "helped" distribute batting across the house. :)


  1. You definitely deserve a pat on the back!! You have done a great job. I wouldn't even attempt such a project.
    Can't wait until we get finished pictures of your sofa.

  2. look at you go!! Big pat on the back, indeed!

  3. Wow, LeAnn! It looks great! It's been very interesting seeing the progress every step of the way. I remember my mom reupholstered our sofa and the entire house was destroyed while she worked on it. I don't think there's any way around that! Fantastic job!!

  4. Wowzers Leeann! That's looking snazzy. You should take yourself out to dinner or something. :)

  5. you SHOULD be seriously patting yourself on the back with that curve. your sofa looks sooooooooo great! i'm thoroughly impressed!

  6. Congratulations on tackling this job, what an inspiration!


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