Saturday, November 22, 2008

Etsy on the brain.

With Christmas time near, I am trying to actually have some inventory in my store. Instead of doing one large Etsy update, I decided to stager my listings over a period of a week. I am hoping it will be beneficial in keeping my items at the top of searches. One other goal I had was to have different items in different price ranges. I experimented with some business card holders recently. All my PIF people got one in their package. (All the previous versions before I perfected my technique.) When I was in college I was a purse free kinda gal. I used a leather business card holder as a wallet when I went out. I always had three things with me where ever I went: my drivers license, my debit card, and cash. I listed one of these earlier in the week and it's already sold. So I put this one in today. The "V" front makes it easy to grab the cards on the inside. And for the price, it's a perfect stocking stuffer. (click photo to go directly to the listing)

I also am in the "use what I have" mode. I cut into some thrifted embroidered linen this week. I have three small slim zipper pouches that will be added before Thanksgiving. They turned out so beautiful. Very classic in their monochromatic way.
Now how many of you are familiar with the Treasury feature on Etsy? I only started paying attention about a few months ago. I would never go out of my way to wait for a Treasury, but if I knew one was coming up I would have the browser up and wait patiently. This morning as I was listing a few items I just happened to check on the Treasury and saw it would open up in just a few minutes! I finally got one!

It was really fun to put together and I can see how people can become addicted to being their own curator. All the items came from my favorites list or a favorites store. If anyone sees it on the front page, you'll have to let me know!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One good day of sunlight

I finally was home when the sun decided to grace us with its presence this week! I added a few pin cushions to my shop that I have had made forever ago. Did I tell you guys about my recent feed sack fabric score? No, I don't think I did. Mostly remnants of previous sewing projects and mostly small pieces but a few were large enough to a make a pin cushion or two. I think the cushion is the perfect size to showcase these vintage finds. Just check out the cherries in the picture above!
And I decided to get all fancy and make a cashmere flower for the top of this one. It's my new favorite and I really want to keep it. But it photographed so well, that its listed. :)

I also want to update everyone on my Pay It Forward gift exchange. Packages were sent and my recipients have started to pay it forward. You can see what I sent them and possibly sign up for their gift exchange. Go check out Angela from Vintage Rags (though she posted about this ages ago!) and Heather at Living Senses.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hallway: before and after

Before: Free old wooden frames in various stages of disrepair.

After: a chic, contemporary installation of glossy, black frames. I balanced all the frames by hanging some frames inside one another. I am also proud of myself for hanging these up in a primitive but effective manner. I was hounding Jeff to buy a laser level, but in the end I measured 62'' up from the floor at each end of the hallway and ran a string across the wall using push pins to anchor the string. I then measured the center of each frame and placed a piece of masking tape to mark the center. Then I just held each frame to wall matching the tape with the string. Jeff placed the nails and we were finished in under 20 minutes.I also just bought these Vinyl Wall Art birds in apple green to perch in some of those frames. If you haven't caught on yet, I love a touch of whimsy. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

This past weekend we hosted our Harvest Party in which food is the central theme. All things fall are included. The menu included slow roasted pulled pork, sweet corn cakes, cumin roasted potatoes, butternut squash soup, rosemary garlic white bean salad, green beans w/ mushroom cream sauce, and wheat dinner rolls. Everything was homemade of course.

Friends brought wine and dessert which included apple crisp ala mode, pumpkin pie, and carrot cake.

And since friends were coming in from out of town, we needed to get that spare bedroom in order. I had moved all my sewing items out and was able to thrift sheets and curtains to finish the room. In the mean time, my new sewing room is a disaster! Of course when you move things you rediscover lost and forgotten items. I also spent some time cleaning a dress form my grandmother found me. She mentioned it was broken and in its wobbly state I just put it in a corner where she sat for months. She was only waist high when I got her, but I soon realized she did have all her 'parts' and with a little elbow grease and a can of WD-40 she now stands a tall 5 feet. She's still a bit wonky but she'll do.

Much to my amazement she adjusted to a workable size for me. I'll need to make an adjustment to the bust area, but I think a bit of padding will fix that.

Over the last week, Jeff and I packaged multiple shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse. I was responsible for all the girls. In addition to their manditory items, each girl will receive a sewing kit, a box filled with beads and stretchy thread and I topped each box with a purple felted flower pin (pictured above), mini LED flashlight, an awesome journal, and assorted girlie accessories. Boys got real tools.

Oh, and I finally hung up all my frames I painted black down our long front hallway. I consider it my little art gallery. I know it must have been strange for our friends to enter our home for the Harvest Party and see a series of large empty frames on the wall, but as I collect art work I'll suspend the prints in floating glass frames within each frame. This is the before picture. Not all frames have been painted but I was getting a general feel for how I wanted them to layout. Now if I could get a sunny morning, I'll show you the after photo.

I've been on Etsy stalking a few pieces of art. This and this(I love all the artists titles for his prints!) are on my short list.

In the mean time, my top priority is getting my sewing room in a respectable order.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Does anybody know....

EDIT: Kim knew what I was looking for! Thanks! Should have just asked you first anyways. Mexican Corn Cakes. Yup. That's it. And for the correct answer your prize is an invitation to the big party this weekend. :)

You know when you go to a Mexican restaurant and they serve you a little scoop of sweetened corn meal mash as a side? Do you know what I am talking about?

Does anybody have a recipe for this dish?

This Saturday we are hosting our Harvest Party. Over 20 people will be attending. Fun, football, food, and wine will be had by all.

The weather hasn't been cooperating for photo taking. The mornings are overcast and sometimes rainy and by the time I make it home it's almost dark. But I'll be back sometimes soon with some craftiness.