Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thrift Finds

It's been a while since I recorded some thrift finds on here. I have found a few beauties over the past month and I grabbed a few photos from my latest haul. I have been in the middle of decorating my living room. The sofa reupholstery project helped furnish some of the room. New curtains were hung. I still need to upholster the coordinating chair and ottoman once I find the fabric.
I seem to be attracted to shiny accents for the room, so when I found this vintage (?) brass crane lamp (with working light bulb!) for $5 I did not hesitate to throw it in the cart. I did not take a picture of the under side of the shade, but there is a half moon piece of frosted glass that helps filter the light from the bulb. It casts a soft light and I love it. I also found a few fun drinking glasses. The purple print glass is a specific type of drinking glass that I think was featured in a Martha Stewart magazine article a while back. I just tried searching her website for a link, but if you know what I am talking about, please fill me in! I wouldn't mind a whole collection of this type of glassware. And you know no home is complete without a crank pencil sharpener in the basement or garage, so I am excited I found one. I also amassed a collection of white glass mixing bowls and bakeware. I now have a complete set of bowls with this latest find. :)

Oh, and check this out. I have already shared my love of secret places and locks and keys. So I found this key, which fits into this lock.....

I was so surprised to find the key stored in an inside zipper pocket! I'm not sure if I'll leave it as-is or modify the exterior in some cool Anthropologie-ish manner. It's in pristine condition.

It's nice to find a few great used pieces to incorporate into my home. Now I can check "sew overnight bag" off my things to do. And I have a lamp for the living room. And you can't have too many dishes can you? Don't answer that question if you are thinking "yes".

Friday, April 1, 2011

99% complete

Let's review.


This sofa showed up in my house sometime in Dec 2009. And it sat around for almost a year before I posted about it again. Then I messed around for a couple of months with the idea of making a slip cover for it. And then almost 2 years (!) after it arrived in my house I finally committed to a complete reupholstery job in Jan 2011. Then in the last month things really got moving. In my last post I shared a picture with fabric attached!

Well, my friends. It's 99% finished. If you notice in the before photo there are some buttons on the sofa back and I was debating on putting them on or not. I'm leaning on yes. My husband says leave them off. So, what should I do?


{Ah! I am so excited about how this turned out!}

{Full room shot}

I added new curtains to the living room too. I am really in love with them. Good thing too because they were on clearance which means they are non-returnable. They add a bit of pattern and make the room feel more grown up. I think I am going to sell the Falcon chairs and use the money towards his and her reading chairs. Or, if I can, find another vintage sofa/sectional to put in the room. Now, buttons or no?