Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thrift Finds

It's been a while since I recorded some thrift finds on here. I have found a few beauties over the past month and I grabbed a few photos from my latest haul. I have been in the middle of decorating my living room. The sofa reupholstery project helped furnish some of the room. New curtains were hung. I still need to upholster the coordinating chair and ottoman once I find the fabric.
I seem to be attracted to shiny accents for the room, so when I found this vintage (?) brass crane lamp (with working light bulb!) for $5 I did not hesitate to throw it in the cart. I did not take a picture of the under side of the shade, but there is a half moon piece of frosted glass that helps filter the light from the bulb. It casts a soft light and I love it. I also found a few fun drinking glasses. The purple print glass is a specific type of drinking glass that I think was featured in a Martha Stewart magazine article a while back. I just tried searching her website for a link, but if you know what I am talking about, please fill me in! I wouldn't mind a whole collection of this type of glassware. And you know no home is complete without a crank pencil sharpener in the basement or garage, so I am excited I found one. I also amassed a collection of white glass mixing bowls and bakeware. I now have a complete set of bowls with this latest find. :)

Oh, and check this out. I have already shared my love of secret places and locks and keys. So I found this key, which fits into this lock.....

I was so surprised to find the key stored in an inside zipper pocket! I'm not sure if I'll leave it as-is or modify the exterior in some cool Anthropologie-ish manner. It's in pristine condition.

It's nice to find a few great used pieces to incorporate into my home. Now I can check "sew overnight bag" off my things to do. And I have a lamp for the living room. And you can't have too many dishes can you? Don't answer that question if you are thinking "yes".


  1. No, you can never have too many dishes! You found some great things. I love that little key. It would be great in a necklace. :)

  2. You're reupholstery of a sofa is AMAZING! come see mine!

  3. I had to laugh - yes, every house does need an old crank pencil sharpener - I was so happy that our basement came with one! I wish I could go shopping with you some time - great finds!!

  4. P.S. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - you lifted my spirits. : )

  5. You could totally make some sort of clip on dodad for the purse that you could change for the seasons or your outfit without permanently altering your bag. You know, lobster claw it on the metal ring where the handle attaches to the bag ... flowers, gobs of lace, beads, whatever is hip at the moment. LOVE that blue!


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