Monday, October 26, 2009

Before and After- Curtains

I think curtains really make a room feel finished. I am -always- surprised how much impact they can make in a room. The sellers left curtain rods that were poorly installed in the dry wall with no anchor screws. Needless to say there are up to SIX holes on each side of the windows where the curtain rod had ripped away from the wall and then reinstalled. (Before)

Jeff had the great idea of floor to ceiling curtains and we begun our search to find what option we had. To our amazement there aren't very many options but thankfully Ikea sells the Kvartel system. Just what we were looking for. The system is screwed into the ceiling beams so nothing should rip out! And they also were selling a 100% white cotton curtain panels that are thin enough to act as a sheer for $10/window. The directions for the curtains say to wash cold and line dry. I washed hot and dried in the dryer. It's practical for me to wash my curtains to keep then clean from pet hair and allergens. Now that they are pre shrunk they are almost the prefect length!

The sheer panels have tab tops, but I just folded them back and hung the panels using little metal clips that came with the curtain system. They just touch the floor. When I finally find the prefect drapery fabric I will have to hem them up 2'' so they don't peek out from under the drapes and it makes it easier to clean too. I'm thinking I would like a green/white/ possible grey geometric print for the drapes. We have the nature theme going on without being too obnoxious and so a geometric print would keep it sane.

Now what am I going to do with that red couch! At this time all our furniture will have to make do. It will be relatively easy to make a slip cover for it since it has straight lines. I am leaning towards a chocolate brown (or dark grey) cotton twill slip cover like what Pottery Barn offers. I have another clean lined, low back sofa offered to me that will sit opposite of the red sofa. It will be covered in the same fabric as the red couch. If I do a grey slip cover I'll probably accent the room with a mustard colored vase lamp and/or pillows. I need to thrift some side tables. We have an idea for a custom coffee table that would double as a bench for extra seating when company comes over. I want it to be made from a rough cut plank, bark removed, then sanded and polish but keeping the organic shaped edge.

One thing at a time though. At least the weather is turning cold. It makes me want to stay inside and accomplish these projects.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Beautiful Collections

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of sewing up two bags with two very beautiful collections of fabric. The first one utilized Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks collection.

I really loved the colors in these fabrics. If you are looking for a complementary print to add to this collection try Sugar Snap Plum Wiggle.
And then I used Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley collection. Loved it.
Added ties to the end of the bag. It make the side pockets stand out. Perfect for bottle waters or baby bottles.
Pleated pockets are adorable. I think I finally perfected this pattern I have been working on. The size and scale are just right for an overnight bag or baby bag.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time well spent

We've been living in our home for about a month now and would you believe we have not taken a shower in our master bath the entire time! There are a few quirks in the home and one of them includes the former owners installing the shower bar very high not considering the length of a standard shower curtain.

About 6 inches too short!

One of the first nights we moved in I tried to move the shower curtain lower thinking it was a tension rod but to my great horror the screws holding it to the drywall ripped out with a forceful yank. Yikes! Not wanting to replace and repaint drywall, its now back to where it was.

I really like the cloth shower curtains that you can throw right into the washer when needed. I didn't want to spend the money and time trying to find this specific curtain in the correct length (if they even exist) when I already have a white one that cleans up well with hot water and bleach.

So I set to work in the John Deere room. I cut the shower curtan 9'' down from the top and inserted a 7'' piece of fabric. I found the perfect use of the small amount of Heather Ross fabric I've been admiring for the last two years.

Yay! The floor will stay dry!

Our master bath is the standard beige on beige, but I'm not complaining. Eventually we'll make it our own, but until then Swimmy, Sparky, Bjorn, and Helen can enjoy a steamy shower every morning!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

And I wonder why I am not sewing!

This is the current state of my sewing room. I didn't realize I had that much stuff! Just a few years ago I could fit all of my fabric in one small plastic bin. Then I started reading blogs. It's all your fault. :P

So how do you like the John Deere theme? Floors are nice. And the natural light! Bonus. I went to Lowes yesterday to browse the paint chips. I have been debating on what color to paint it. Should I embrace color and go fun? Like turquoise? Or go classic like a nice oatmeal linen? Should I keep the pine board chair rail? The previous owners left us a bunch of left over trim from when they built the kitchen so I could possibly dress it up. Maybe install bead board on the lower half?

The reason I picked this bedroom for my sewing room was because of the closet. It has a built in closet system. Like whoa! I want to fit all my sewing supplies/fabric in that one space. Might need to pair some things down. Just a little.

So my question is if this was your sewing room what would you do with it? Feel free to leave links. I can't wait to read your ideas!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time to check in!

It is a completely different feeling when you are moving into you own home. A more permanent feeling. It feels good to permanently get rid of boxes because you're not going to need them for a future move. :) We are still getting settled, but the house is definitely livable and we are certainly enjoying it. Also enjoying our home is an incredible variety of bugs. Everything from a bajillion stink bugs to amazing little creatures like leaf bugs and stick bugs.
This was the first leaf bug I think I ever encountered in person. It was greeting me as I was moving one of the first car loads into the house. It just hung out at our front door while I moved boxes in and out watching my every move with great intent.

Just before the move I was able to whip up one last birthday present for a dear friend. I had found her birth year on a linen calendar and made her a zipper pouch/ clutch.
I really loved how this turned out. I also found my birth year as a calendar. I am not too fond of the image it has on it, but I'd like to make myself something with it.
My sewing room is far from being set up but I have managed to dig through a few boxes to gather some mending supplies. The room does have a desk and the sewing machine is finally set up. Now I need to finish a few things for Etsy before I can start having fun with a few household sewing projects. The weather is definitely screaming fall around here. Apple cider has hit the grocery shelves and so I am embracing fall. I better find the box with all my sweaters soon!