Monday, January 4, 2010

New things

Sunlight is a hot commodity around here. Of course it shines all throughout church. Then promptly goes away when I get home. But I got a couple more things listed on the ol' Etsy site.

Sparrow tote with asymmetrical pintuck details.

Linen scarf with fawn applique.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visit to Terrain- final post

Ok. Last post about Terrain! What have you liked best? I have to admit that I love the thought of growing cut flowers as much as I love growing edible plants.

Zinnia's are one of my favorite summer/fall flowers. They're cheap (start very well from seed) and grow amazingly with little care. I love that they put the bunches in paint containers.

Zinnia's in mason jars. My go-to vase. Can anyone ID the purple berry plant?

Inspiration for a fall quilt! I'm more of an accessory or home deco sewer, but now I want a fall quilt and I want to use these colors as inspiration. :)

Easy peasie twig project.

Cool plant stands that add a bit of art to the garden! I love that they planted a late cherry tomato plant in an asparagus bed. Stayed pretty into fall!

Metal plant supports. I might try and modify a normal metal tomato cage into something like this.

I tried my hand at a succulent container garden this summer. Some plants worked better than others. I'm trying again this year with a few more varieties. I could not believe the cost of these! Upwards of $50!

And in case you were wondering what you were going to do with that huge dried sunflower head you grew this year, here's an idea. :P

Terrain is definitely the new cool kid on the block. It almost seems like they can do no wrong. Even when you see something new like a planter with a huge dead sunflower head it kinda works. I can't wait to visit again in the spring. Good thing I have a friends and family in the area I can spend the night with since it's a good 3 hour drive for me. Who wants to come with me?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Visit to Terrain- part 3

I knew I would like visiting Terrain, but it surpassed any expectations. I need to go back and visit throughout the seasons to see how they incorporate plants and landscaping materials to make the garden a feature in every season. I have always been intimidated when I try and consider a fall garden. There are holes where once lush summer foliage was and sporadic color from plants in the last days of their glory.

These chairs look nice but could you imagine the butt imprints they would give you?

The reason I want to get remarried (to the same guy) here. Seriously. Where is my fairytale? Did you notice the pumpkins on the roof? No detail left unnoticed.

When I speak about hardscape I don't mean shiny glass globes or plastic pink flamingos. I've always had a thing for rusty metal sculptural objects and this orb fit the bill. They had several on display in all different sizes all made by a local-ish (east coast somewhere?) craftsman. This would make a statement all year long.

More butt pattern chairs but look what its holding! It's a hollowed out logs with moss and woodsy succulents. The stepping 'stones' are thin sliced tree trunks.
Another view of the log container so I would remember how they bound the ends.

I've always wanted to make some congrete/stone containers. More future inspiration for me.

Terrain also offers up a more traditional experience to purchase plants as well. I bet shopping for these plants in the summer time is very enjoyable. Mature shade trees suround the property so on a warm summer day the shade would be nice.

To be continued...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Etsy Updated!

With a few hours of beautiful sunlight today I was able to get a few things listed in my Etsy shop. Click the photo's to take you directly to the item.

Happy New Year!

Trip to Terrain- part 2

There was so much to look at when I visited Terrain. It was a bit chilly so I ducked indoors for a bit to warm up before I headed back outdoors. They had several greenhouses and then the main store which also included their cafe. When I was there the cafe was closed for a private party. :( It was expensive anyways.

The orchid greenhouse. Before I moved I had the most beautiful orchid. I kept it alive for over 3 years and it had outgrown its container last year. But any size orchid pot I found locally was too small. For some reason my orchid did not take well to the move. Maybe somebody dropped it? Who knows. But by the time I visited Terrain I knew there was no hope for my beloved orchid. So I was a bit sad when I finally found a large enough pot for it. Also pictured are tiny little stools (perfect for displaying houseplants and I could probably make them!) and spools of twine.

A good idea for plant markers. I have plenty of twigs around here to make this happen!

Inside Terrain married plants with skincare. If I had some money burning a hole in my pocket I would have picked up a few of these. Soaps, lotions, salt scrubs, and any other lux item you'd want in your Xmas stocking.

They also had a whole department of housewares. I could have spent all day in there. I've decided that I need to make myself some linen dish clothes and stencil or stamp them.

If I visit a place that I really love I always pretend that if the store let me take anything home for free what would it be? It would have been these plates. They would match my all white dish theme but add interest with texture. I really, really love these. And I need another plate like another hole in the head, but they still speak to me. I want to serve a fresh spinach salad with fresh herbs and flower buds (all from my garden) on them. *le sigh*

To be continued...