Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time well spent

We've been living in our home for about a month now and would you believe we have not taken a shower in our master bath the entire time! There are a few quirks in the home and one of them includes the former owners installing the shower bar very high not considering the length of a standard shower curtain.

About 6 inches too short!

One of the first nights we moved in I tried to move the shower curtain lower thinking it was a tension rod but to my great horror the screws holding it to the drywall ripped out with a forceful yank. Yikes! Not wanting to replace and repaint drywall, its now back to where it was.

I really like the cloth shower curtains that you can throw right into the washer when needed. I didn't want to spend the money and time trying to find this specific curtain in the correct length (if they even exist) when I already have a white one that cleans up well with hot water and bleach.

So I set to work in the John Deere room. I cut the shower curtan 9'' down from the top and inserted a 7'' piece of fabric. I found the perfect use of the small amount of Heather Ross fabric I've been admiring for the last two years.

Yay! The floor will stay dry!

Our master bath is the standard beige on beige, but I'm not complaining. Eventually we'll make it our own, but until then Swimmy, Sparky, Bjorn, and Helen can enjoy a steamy shower every morning!


  1. perfect fabric for a shower curtain!! cute!

  2. It's really cute! What a great idea!

  3. Great solution, and I love the fabric! A fresh look.

  4. that's a great fix! and I love your choice of fabric!

  5. I LOVE that added detail to your shower curtain! It would be so worth doing even if your curtain were the right length to begin with. Hmmm....


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