Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time to check in!

It is a completely different feeling when you are moving into you own home. A more permanent feeling. It feels good to permanently get rid of boxes because you're not going to need them for a future move. :) We are still getting settled, but the house is definitely livable and we are certainly enjoying it. Also enjoying our home is an incredible variety of bugs. Everything from a bajillion stink bugs to amazing little creatures like leaf bugs and stick bugs.
This was the first leaf bug I think I ever encountered in person. It was greeting me as I was moving one of the first car loads into the house. It just hung out at our front door while I moved boxes in and out watching my every move with great intent.

Just before the move I was able to whip up one last birthday present for a dear friend. I had found her birth year on a linen calendar and made her a zipper pouch/ clutch.
I really loved how this turned out. I also found my birth year as a calendar. I am not too fond of the image it has on it, but I'd like to make myself something with it.
My sewing room is far from being set up but I have managed to dig through a few boxes to gather some mending supplies. The room does have a desk and the sewing machine is finally set up. Now I need to finish a few things for Etsy before I can start having fun with a few household sewing projects. The weather is definitely screaming fall around here. Apple cider has hit the grocery shelves and so I am embracing fall. I better find the box with all my sweaters soon!


  1. beautiful pouch/clutch... is a perfect birthday gift!

  2. What a great idea! Is her birthday in August, like on the front of the clutch? Love it!

  3. what a cute idea! isn't it nice that there were so many cloth calendars made? now we've got our pick!

  4. oooh! Have you yet made friends with the local katydids and praying mantises? (mantis's? mantisii?)

  5. What a friendly green fellow. You know it's not easy being green.

    The clutch came out perfectly. All of your extra details were really worth the effort.

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that pouch! i have a few calendars that i need to reuse some day.

    enjoy settling in your home!

  7. I love what you did with the cloth calendar - so clever and cute.
    Enjoy getting settled. The idea of a permanent place sounds so perfect to me right now.

  8. Yikes! I would freak out if I saw that little green dude staring back at me. eugh (not a bug fan)

    I'm so excited about your new house, I'm really looking forward to watching you decorate it.

  9. Hi I saw your post on the Falcon chairs.
    I own one too. I was wondering if you ever fixed them up and where you put them in your house.
    I make dolls and mixed media paintings.
    Nice to find you. I like to sew too. It was fun to see your work.

  10. I love it!!
    I was born in 1984!


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