Thursday, October 15, 2009

And I wonder why I am not sewing!

This is the current state of my sewing room. I didn't realize I had that much stuff! Just a few years ago I could fit all of my fabric in one small plastic bin. Then I started reading blogs. It's all your fault. :P

So how do you like the John Deere theme? Floors are nice. And the natural light! Bonus. I went to Lowes yesterday to browse the paint chips. I have been debating on what color to paint it. Should I embrace color and go fun? Like turquoise? Or go classic like a nice oatmeal linen? Should I keep the pine board chair rail? The previous owners left us a bunch of left over trim from when they built the kitchen so I could possibly dress it up. Maybe install bead board on the lower half?

The reason I picked this bedroom for my sewing room was because of the closet. It has a built in closet system. Like whoa! I want to fit all my sewing supplies/fabric in that one space. Might need to pair some things down. Just a little.

So my question is if this was your sewing room what would you do with it? Feel free to leave links. I can't wait to read your ideas!


  1. Oh Leanne, I have to chuckle at your "mess"! I have been working on my craft room for months now and just realized that not everything will fit. The room is 11' x 15' with a walk in closet.

    You can see my craft room saga over on my blog, on Ponderosa Lane, with all the stuff still to get stuffed in there!

    I do love your fun colors, they will make you hurry up and finish your room.


  2. I'm all about bead board and oatmeal linen, but I also love color. I'd probably choose something fun and happy since you have a nice big room and color won't make it seem too small. Wish I had some inspiration links for you!

  3. Hmmmm.... I suggest bright paint on top, white beadboard on the bottom. And get two white bookshelves to stack and color-organize your fabric. Use the closet for bins of bits and pieces and notions. And hanging works-in-progress. And hiding 'stuff'.

    And then work on getting a cozy red overstuffed armchair... you'll love to just curl up and survey your empire! :-)

  4. Go look at Laura Ashley Sea Glass at Lowe's. I think it's called Sea Glass...maybe Green Glass? Anyway, it's a wonderful teal/aqua color. I painted my study with it and it's so warm and cheerful.

  5. Hi LeAnn thanks for visiting me! I love my new book, Blogging for Bliss, I'm trying to slowly take it in, not going through it too fast afraid I may miss something.
    The craft show was alot of fun. It always is, alot of hard work but worth it.

  6. I'd go oatmeal with a fun color on the pine board!

  7. If I was you I'd set up my machine and sew, sew, sew. You can always drape batting on the walls as a design wall and unpack at leisure!!!regards Debi

  8. Normally i'm all about color on walls, but I know how much lovely fabric you have and I feel like you could store it in a way that displays the fabric so that your walls are more neutral and all those lovely prints really pop. Take advantage of what you got! Plus, an ever-changing collection of fabric leads to an ever-changing room feel, which is tons of fun in and of itself!

  9. How exciting!
    My sewing room is similar, but when I moved in it was just white with those same white doors and a wood floor.

    I went for two colors in my sewing room. I chose some fabrics I like first, of course, and went from there. I painted two walls very pale yellow and two very pale aqua blue. Where I live things can be very dark and I want it to feel fresh. I'd avoid anything too dark, it might get a little distracting when you're playing with lots of fabrics &such.

    I completely vote for bead board too, I hope to add that some day if my sewing room doesn't turn into a baby's room too quickly.

    Good luck!

  10. It's a beauty of a sewing room LeeAnn!!! I'd go with beadboard AND bright fun colors! I'm sure whatever you do though is going to be a huge step up from John Deere!!

  11. Go for fun! My home is somewhat neutral, not too much, but I kept it reserved. But for my craft room, I'm going all out and girly. I painted my room a darker lilac purple, and I'm using green, for an accent. My floors are black and white vinyl tile. I love it but its not finished, sad to say. I've had it for 3 years now and I need to make window treatments and sew a skirt for my work area. And I sew, I know. But go for fun! Out of the ordinary.
    My Casa Bella
    one day I'll post my workshop.

  12. A lot of people this white is the only way to go, but color is inspirational! I just painted two adjoining walls turquoise and left 2 white. What a fun color, and so many others go with it! Just make sure you get yourself a big flannel design wall now that you have lots of space!

  13. What a delightful thing to debate! Your new sewing space is turning me green with envy. I sit and sew in my barely-bigger-than-a-closet sized room! What lovely natural light! The colors on the walls now are very fun but I can see that maybe you might want to change it... I really look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  14. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the room!

  15. Organizing the creativity room was/is the last on my list in the new house. Why would this be? The most chaos for the most savored endeavor?

    Hoorah to the color. Looking forward to the completed project.

    I will now go back and read all of your posts--just found you on All Buttoned Up.

  16. It's supposed to be your creative room, so I'd do something fun! You can always do oatmeal in a room that needs to be more "gender neutral."

  17. Trust me...after almost 40 years you will always have a mess unless you are OCD. You will always have projects in the works and ones that you need inspiration for and don't want to put them away. That is why you have your space for this. My husband built me my own separate shop for sewing.

    When you decorate, pick colors that are soothing and inspiring to you. I prefer to have soft grays. For me the soft gray doesn't conflict with the colors I am working on. If you like the linen color go for it. I put my personality into the window dressings and change them out quite frequently since I make them. But make it your own!

    I would suggest a good size cork board. Your going to have ideas and don't want to forget about them or lose them. I bought cork squares and kept adding to them. Mine is now 5ft long. Keep the closet organizers and get clear plastic shoe boxes to organize your supplies.

    Organize your fabric by color, kind or project, a system that works for you. put into totes and get some shelves to put the totes on. I just got some from Sam's that are on wheels and will make cleaning easier. Once I get them together I am going to make a curtain to go around it to dress it up. I did mine backwards. I got the totes first and then the shelves to fit the totes. Pick shelves first then the totes and get enough totes to fill the shelves. It will look much nicer than mine. I have mix and match.

    Good Luck!


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