Monday, October 26, 2009

Before and After- Curtains

I think curtains really make a room feel finished. I am -always- surprised how much impact they can make in a room. The sellers left curtain rods that were poorly installed in the dry wall with no anchor screws. Needless to say there are up to SIX holes on each side of the windows where the curtain rod had ripped away from the wall and then reinstalled. (Before)

Jeff had the great idea of floor to ceiling curtains and we begun our search to find what option we had. To our amazement there aren't very many options but thankfully Ikea sells the Kvartel system. Just what we were looking for. The system is screwed into the ceiling beams so nothing should rip out! And they also were selling a 100% white cotton curtain panels that are thin enough to act as a sheer for $10/window. The directions for the curtains say to wash cold and line dry. I washed hot and dried in the dryer. It's practical for me to wash my curtains to keep then clean from pet hair and allergens. Now that they are pre shrunk they are almost the prefect length!

The sheer panels have tab tops, but I just folded them back and hung the panels using little metal clips that came with the curtain system. They just touch the floor. When I finally find the prefect drapery fabric I will have to hem them up 2'' so they don't peek out from under the drapes and it makes it easier to clean too. I'm thinking I would like a green/white/ possible grey geometric print for the drapes. We have the nature theme going on without being too obnoxious and so a geometric print would keep it sane.

Now what am I going to do with that red couch! At this time all our furniture will have to make do. It will be relatively easy to make a slip cover for it since it has straight lines. I am leaning towards a chocolate brown (or dark grey) cotton twill slip cover like what Pottery Barn offers. I have another clean lined, low back sofa offered to me that will sit opposite of the red sofa. It will be covered in the same fabric as the red couch. If I do a grey slip cover I'll probably accent the room with a mustard colored vase lamp and/or pillows. I need to thrift some side tables. We have an idea for a custom coffee table that would double as a bench for extra seating when company comes over. I want it to be made from a rough cut plank, bark removed, then sanded and polish but keeping the organic shaped edge.

One thing at a time though. At least the weather is turning cold. It makes me want to stay inside and accomplish these projects.


  1. A great before and after! We have Ikea sheets as curtains in our place, too. And I adore your fireplace. Your settling photos actually have me looking forward to having to move.

  2. Gosh--the curtains really warmed up the room. Another successful project!

  3. That room now looks so warm and cozy. I've used sheets for curtains for years, but they are not as cheap as they use to be.

    I look forward to see the room when you are completely done.


  4. It's looking great! I agree, curtains make a huge difference! We finally just hung some in the kitchen (mostly for warmth!) and it really helps soften the place. That fireplace is gorgeous. I'll trade my 60's one any day! haha

  5. ooh la la! I love to live vicariously through you!

  6. What a great room I love all the windows you have in there and beautiful floors. Curtains make a huge difference, it makes a house a home in my personal opinion. Like you, with the weather cooling down and not being able to work outside I'm getting things done inside as well.

  7. looks lovely! what great light

  8. the curtains are GORGEOUS!!! What a change! :)



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