Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Beautiful Collections

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of sewing up two bags with two very beautiful collections of fabric. The first one utilized Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks collection.

I really loved the colors in these fabrics. If you are looking for a complementary print to add to this collection try Sugar Snap Plum Wiggle.
And then I used Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley collection. Loved it.
Added ties to the end of the bag. It make the side pockets stand out. Perfect for bottle waters or baby bottles.
Pleated pockets are adorable. I think I finally perfected this pattern I have been working on. The size and scale are just right for an overnight bag or baby bag.


  1. So sweet! Love the shape of the bags!

  2. And they're not even John Deere colors!

  3. great pattern LeeAnn! It does look like the perfect size!

  4. I just had to say one more thing, I LOVE AMH fabrics!! Nice pick for your bag!

  5. That is a cute bag.. I love it.. I have a friend having a baby soon what pattern is that from may I ask you?
    Thank you.
    Terri E

  6. Red and aqua, one of my favorite color combos. Gorgeous bag.

  7. I would love to make this bag. Could you please let me know how to find this pattern?


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