Saturday, November 22, 2008

Etsy on the brain.

With Christmas time near, I am trying to actually have some inventory in my store. Instead of doing one large Etsy update, I decided to stager my listings over a period of a week. I am hoping it will be beneficial in keeping my items at the top of searches. One other goal I had was to have different items in different price ranges. I experimented with some business card holders recently. All my PIF people got one in their package. (All the previous versions before I perfected my technique.) When I was in college I was a purse free kinda gal. I used a leather business card holder as a wallet when I went out. I always had three things with me where ever I went: my drivers license, my debit card, and cash. I listed one of these earlier in the week and it's already sold. So I put this one in today. The "V" front makes it easy to grab the cards on the inside. And for the price, it's a perfect stocking stuffer. (click photo to go directly to the listing)

I also am in the "use what I have" mode. I cut into some thrifted embroidered linen this week. I have three small slim zipper pouches that will be added before Thanksgiving. They turned out so beautiful. Very classic in their monochromatic way.
Now how many of you are familiar with the Treasury feature on Etsy? I only started paying attention about a few months ago. I would never go out of my way to wait for a Treasury, but if I knew one was coming up I would have the browser up and wait patiently. This morning as I was listing a few items I just happened to check on the Treasury and saw it would open up in just a few minutes! I finally got one!

It was really fun to put together and I can see how people can become addicted to being their own curator. All the items came from my favorites list or a favorites store. If anyone sees it on the front page, you'll have to let me know!


  1. I've got some very similar modes going on right now- an unsuccessful job search has left me wanting to see what I can do with the materials I've already stockpiled, and wanting to see what I can do with my etsy shop. I wonder, if I tried to dedicate at least part time, if not full time hours to etsy, what would happen?

    It's fun to call making and photographing stock a work day, and not as fun (but still enjoyable) posting it to etsy. Advertising, I'm totally lost on. Alas.

    Best of luck to your holiday sales!

  2. The white embroidery on the linen is beyond beautiful. I'm seriously swooning here. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I agree - the white embroidery on the linen is gorgeous! Your treasury is pretty great, too.

  4. I can vouch for the awesome-ness of the card holders. they are dang cute and work really well!! I'm considering using mine as a wallet, too. But I really love pulling it out of my purse to hand someone a card.

  5. Hi LeeAnn, that's a great idea with the v-front wallet. I truly wish I could get away with that now but I just have to have so much stuff with me now!

  6. Very nice card wallets! I love the tape measures one, haha. Pretty linen too, you find the best stuff.

  7. I think it's a great idea to stagger the listings. That should help when people are poking around in the time machine, etc..
    I can personally attest to the coolness of those business card holders! I carry mine around with me everywhere now! It's the coolest thing ever and so well made!

  8. oh my that is some beautiful fabric you used for the card holder. What a great idea!


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