Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pink and Green (SPRING)

I joined my first swap a few weeks ago and I am in the middle of putting all the goodies together. My partner Dinah has emailed me and I grabbed a bunch of idea's from there. (Dinah, where is your blog?!?!) Everyone encourage her to get one up and running. She said she would like to have one.

**EDIT** Introducing my swap partner!

I made my items already, but I was having the hardest time finding the "right" thrifted item. I know! How hard can this be for a thrift loving gal? Yesterday I decided to make a mid week run out to the thrift store. I never really thrifted before on weekday (I'm a Saturday morning thrifter) but I came home with some great stuff. I also found THE PERFECT item for my swap. I only hope she likes it. My husband thought it was ugly, which only means it's awesome!

I was just telling myself I needed a pair of pinkin' shears and I found one for $.50. Only when I got them home did I realize they don't cut fabric. Bummer. I found some lovely purple and lavender bed sheets($1.50 each) that are destined to become skirts for some little girls I know, more zippers ($.10 ea), and some random beads ($.50). Oh, and a bag full of D- rings($.25). Perfect for some purses I have planned!

I almost forgot about this one. I saw this kit in the jewelry counter. I know the round nose pliers will come in handy for making jewelry, but I am pretty sure this kit is intended for scrap booking. I think there is an eyelet applicator in there, but I am not sure what the other stuff is. I am going to call my scrap booker friend and have her come over to clue me in. I figured at $4 it was worth picking up.

And several of you asked where's that coin purse I have been making. Since we moved apartments, it's home has been a zip lock baggie with all my notes and pattern pieces. I discovered one more change I would like to make. I will put this back on the priority list so hopefully I'll get this done this weekend.

And I also was one happy camper to discover fun mail over the past few days! Katie sent over some scrap fabric I was lucky enough to win (thanks to her son who picked 2 names instead of 1! I was lucky #2!) and Mary Ann recently threw a party on her blog and I received my party favor! My batteries are now recharging so no pictures of my goodies today, but soon.


  1. I know...I've gotta get my blog
    started. I thought I would have time by now this week...but nooooo time yet. I just emailed you a few minutes ago by the way, before I checked your blog. Anyway...I'm sure I will love love love anything thrifted. And those sheets are gorgeous in that lavender. Those will make such pretty skirts.

  2. Look at your thrift girl! I love your finds. I've seen that making memories kit in michael's before and I think it's pretty expensive. What a find for 4 dollars! And I'm glad you got the fabric, yay!

  3. Great find! I have that making Memories kit and it's around $20 in the store. I waited for a 40% off coupon before grabbing mine but I've had it forever. It is for scrapbooking and includes a punch and eyelet setter. :)


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