Monday, April 9, 2007

Today's History Lesson

Today I decided to wash some old garments I picked up thrifting and tear them apart at the seams so they would be ready for projects at a moments notice.

While I was ripping one garment apart I was intrigued when I found this label-

It states: Int'l Ladies Garment Union Workers with the letters "ILGUW" and "AFLCIO"

I have never seen this kind of label before and I was off to find my laptop to do some research.

I found out that this label was made between 1955-1963. "This label was issued after AFL and CIO merged in 1955, and lasted until June 28, 1963. It is usually printed in blue on white, and features a scalloped circle with a threaded needle diagonally behind it. In the center are the large letters ILGWU, crossed with a smaller AFL-CIO. Around the edge is printed Int'l Ladies Garment Workers Union."

Wikipedia offers this posting on the Ladies Union. Go and have a read if you'd like to learn about 1920's garment making and the politics behind it all.

I thought it was interesting and it was nice to date the fabric.


  1. very interesting. I've done the same with thrifted fabric to try to learn more about its origin.
    I'd love to see the final version of your coin purse. I get so excited, too, when I make my first of something--you saw all my tote bags!

  2. wow that is cool! Look at your and your thrifty self tearing apart clothes! I agree.. where is the coin purse?

  3. that is fascinating, definitely keep that label.

  4. I have a vintage dress with that very label. I'm taking it in to be fitted, but wanted to date it first. Thanks for your help!


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