Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My favorite project to date!

One day, not too long ago, I stumbled over the website Betsy Ross. I was instantly inspired when I saw her #006 One for All Shoulder Bag. Remember this fabric I wrote about not too long ago? I asked for suggestions on making this into a purse. I decided to do a monochromatic look since I found the exact shade of grey/cream in a solid at the quilt store. So I bought the fabric, bought the pattern and waited eagerly until it arrived in the mail. It arrived yesterday wrapped up so pretty. I have to say this was the best packaged pattern I ever bought.

The pattern came neatly bundled in a black paper envelope. Folded inside were the durable pattern pieces (no brown tissue paper in site!) and an *easy* to read/follow instructional booklet.

- side note - When I unfolded the pattern I had this great idea to iron it out. Word to the wise, do not iron on the print side! Maybe some of you already knew this, but the ink transferred to my iron. Thankfully, I had enough sense to stop and clean my iron before it touched any of my fabric.

I didn't stop sewing til I finished it early this morning. I did take many extra steps not included in the directions. I added a lining, heavy weight interfacing, and a zippered pocket (my first zipper!)

This pattern leaves a lot of room for alterations to really personalize the bag. One thing that was unclear was how long the handles were going to be from the pattern pieces. Aimee states in the directions that you can adjust how long you'd like them to be. But I just used the pattern and the handles ended up being a nice length throw over your forearm to carry along. I suppose I could fit this up to my shoulder but it would be be awkward. Next time I want to make a shoulder bag I'll add about 4'' to the bias tape.

This is the result-
So tailored! So classic!

I am not enjoying the past few days here on the east coast. Where did my sunshine go? But I couldn't wait for the sun to shine to take these pictures.

See that zipper! I did that! It wasn't hard at all! I used this tutorial over at U-handblog.

As a side note to all you thrifters out there, I thrifted this 9'' brown zipper for $.10! I used a floral in complimentary toned to line the pocket and add some extra detail.

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed making this. I can't wait to take this out in public! I will be using this pattern again.

Oh and Aimee at Betsy Ross also has a blog :)


  1. Your bag turned out great! i love the fabric!

  2. EEEK! I need me a Betsy Ross bag!

  3. Wow that turned out great! I love the shape of it.

  4. You're making some pretty awesome stuff here!

  5. What a beautiful bag!!! I hadn't heard of Betsy Ross before. There's some cute stuff over there.

  6. Tis gorgeous! I'm off to browse her patterns.

  7. You have done a great job on the handbag! The style you used fits that beautiful fabric perfectly.

  8. Thanks for the zipper link. I'm very zipper-phobic. The bag is quite dreamy too, by the way! Lovely!

  9. GASP! You made that???? :O WOW! It's gorgeous! And your zipper is so nice and neat! (*bawling* I still can't do zippers!!) So thanks for that link; hopefully it will help me! :) Very nice work, LeeAnn. Now I'm off to check out those links...

  10. wow! I am so impressed with your purse. It's just lovely.

    I thought I was getting a good deal on zippers when I was picking them up at my local thrift stores for a quarter, or 40 cents.

  11. That is a very well-done first zipper! I need to brush up on my own zipper sewing and use some of the ones I picked up recently at an estate sale. I also love the latest necklace you made! I know your friend will get lots of compliments on it! A friend's sister also got a fleur de lis as her first tattoo, on her wrist.
    Oh, and your bag is ready. I just need to mail it :)

  12. This is gorgeous!! I love the shape and the fabric you chose.


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