Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby Boot Update

Remember the Charlie boots I made for my nieces for Christmas?  As I suspected they didn't fit. :(  Their little feet couldn't make the turn from the ankle into the bootie.  Neither the size 3 or 4 would go on.  My one SIL decided a zipper would make these puppies fit and she was right!  She doesn't have a sewing machine but was able to put these in by hand.  I am super impressed. A simply little addition got two little feet moving in furry baby boots.  Check out these chubby legs.  I.die.of.squishable.cuteness!

I just need to fix the other pair and get them back before winter is over!


  1. oh how adorable!!!! i'd like to put in a request for a pair...but i guess i better wait and see what kind are required. =)

  2. Oh those are some lovably chunky legs! What a lucky baby, having new boots! : )


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