Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baby Gifts

 When I first laid eyes on the pattern to make these adorable "fur" lined boots, I squealed with delight.  The pattern is from the company I Think Sew and the pattern is called Charlie Baby Boots (now on sale for $2!) 
 I knew immediately that these were going to be Christmas gifts for my two new nieces. The entire process from purchase, to print, to sewing was quite easy.  Though I will say the smaller an item is the more tricky it is to sew completely by machine.  The little rosebud boots were sewn up in a US size 3. Any smaller of a size and I would have resorted to hand stitching the top edge of the boots, due to the small circumference. 

 For my older niece (almost a year old!) I made the boots from two prints. The upper portion is from the Cameo collection from Amy Butler.  I needed a whole fat quarter just to match prints. The sole was a random scrap but it was the perfect shade of pink to match.  And my SIL loves frogs, so that was a win-win.
 I love how the lining can be folded down.  I can't wait to see how these fit.  I have my doubts that the boots uppers will fit around chubby little baby legs, but folded down shouldn't be a problem.

 This niece's birthday is Dec 31st, so I made a matching soft ball out of the remaining Cameo prints I had on hand.  The boots took me on average of 4 hours to make.  It was a little time here and there. The ball was done from cutting to stuffing in an hour.

I also quickly sewed together two burp cloths out of the remaining "fur" lining.  I think this is a chenille purchased at JoAnns.  After spending so much time with the Cameo fabric, I guess my brain was programed to reach for another Amy Butler (Daisy Chain collection) print.

When I purchased this boot pattern I also got the Emily Bag too!  I am hoping to get this sewn before my winter break is finished.

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  1. I just made the Emily bag for a friend and now I have the fabric all laid out for one for myself. I love the bag. I did make the mistake of not cutting the pattern with ease (not built in) and I had to do some fussing when it came time to add the handles, but the bag turned out gorgeous and she loved it. I have this boot pattern as well, and seeing yours reminds me that my nieces need some. Love the chenille. Super cute!


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