Friday, October 12, 2012

October Frost

Today was the first frost.  Just a gentle one, but one none the less.  I quickly cut this arrangement.  The plants remained in good condition so I'll get a few more flowers, but I am really enjoying these while I can.

 I recently found this brass stag and his doe (not shown) at the thrift store this month.   I don't generally "decorate" for seasons, but this pair will fit in nicely on my mantel this fall and winter.

 I am kind of in love with these dahlias. I picked all purple and yellow for this arrangement.  Some of the plants have grown so large that they have fallen over and the flower stems bend as they grow against gravity.  I need to plan on better support systems next year.

 I filled in with an assortment of cosmos. They are so bright and cheery with their sunny centers! They don't make great cut flowers, only lasting 3-4 days in a vase, but they add some movement and whimsy.
And with the turn of the season, I turn back to my sewing. My sewing area is a mess. But I cleared enough space to start playing with some fabrics.  This summer I won a flat quarter pack of Amy Butler's Cameo fabric from FabricWorm. :)  Some of that is pictured in the photo.  My two favorite prints are Forget Me Not Sugar and Tea Rose Sugar.  This whole collection is very eclectic with many different styles of prints. I have a few prints pulled for a special project, but I am hoping to decide on a project that includes a bit of all the designs. Maybe a pillow?  I also just noticed that some of AB Caravan prints are 40% off at FabricWorm.

AND when I come across a recipe that is fantastic as-is, I always like to share.  So if the words Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll make you spontaneously drool, please check out Smitten Kitchen's recipe. You won't be sorry.  I may make another batch this weekend! Adding the cardamon is a must!

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  1. While cleaning my cluttered hard drive, I came on the links to these beautiful pictures of your flowers. They are so beautiful and the beds they came from look very familiar!

    Elaine Huber


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