Thursday, March 3, 2011

Etsy Baby Shower Gifts

I attended a baby shower this past weekend. Made one gift using a PDF pattern and purchased the other, both from Etsy. The momma of the expected baby girl decided on a deer theme for the nursery. So needless to say, when I saw this print on Karla's Etsy Shop: enrouge there was no question. I bought it in under 30 seconds. I left a message to seller when I purchased the print and she followed up with me via Etsy conversation keeping me in the loop of expected shipping times. So nice! And the package was wrapped with care, arrived quickly, and there was a little something extra! Love that!
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Before Christmas I purchased a set of patterns from Etsy Seller winterpeach. She has so many cute PDF's available include this new little baby boot! The patterns were emailed within 24 hours (in fact maybe the same night even), but they sat on my computer for a few months before I got around to making them! My first attempt were these darling 3 month sized Mary Jane flats. So adorable!
Look how tiny!

The pattern is laid out very well and offers many great tips to get the best possible outcome. The directions are clear, include lots of photos and are very methodical. The pattern even offers two other variations of closure including a ribbon and elastic. I followed the pattern to a T but would make these changes next time. I would add a featherweight interfacing to the exterior pieces before sewing to add a bit more structure (the child and adult patterns do include interfacing as part of the design), and I would top stitch the little strap and top seam for a polished look. In addition, I wish the pattern noted on the exterior pieces the button placement. I made these late at night and I sewed the buttons a little forward on the shoe. It's still cute though.
I found the perfect little vintage pearl shank buttons with brass backs to finish the little flats. The one great thing about this pattern is that when you are done and you say to yourself, "I wish I could make these in my size," guess what? You can! The Mary Jane Flats are available up to a woman's size 11. You can thank me later. :P


  1. Those are so very cute. I LOVE the fabric you picked out, but even more so I am impressed that you used a real button! You are a true seamstress :)

  2. Wonderful pattern. Great approach for giving useful tips. Shoes looks so cute that I am wishing to purchase for my small sister. I am impress with this pattern.

  3. How sweeeet ... those little shoes are just adorable. Thank you for mentioning my momma and baby deer .. that was so much fun to see when I popped into your blog today! Sounds like the perfect baby shower! : )


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