Monday, March 7, 2011

Bedroom Curtains

I'm finally getting around to sewing up my bedroom curtains. For me, curtains really finish a room. But sewing your own is a huge hassle. It's no fun washing, ironing, cutting 20 yard pieces of fabric. I did try a new trick when washing up this yardage. I folded the yardage in arm lengths and basted all the layers together along the selvedge edges before throwing it in wash. It worked really well! No tangled mess!

In the past, cutting these large amounts of fabric was quite the hassle. But I discovered my hardwood floors are to my advantage! After squaring off my fabric, I used the floor boards as a square, lining up the edge to the horizontal edge of a floor board then using a tape measure I measured the length.

The floor board even had a slight gap to help hold my tape measure!

Once the length was cut, I folded the panel in half and cut the desire width. I cut the lining (pictured above) 4 inches narrower than the curtain panel.

When sewing curtains, the bed remains unmade. Priorities, priorities. (I'm in love with my new bedroom paint color.Valspar: London Coach. So dreamy. Here is the same color in another apartment- link via apartment therapy.)

Here is a little trick I use to remind myself when to start/stop sewing. When sewing up these long side seam I wanted to stop 6'' short on the bottom hem. To remind myself I always place two pins right next to each other as a visual aid. I also use this method when I need to leave an opening in something. Like a bag that will need to be turned right side out.

I have all 4 panels finished with the exception of the bottom hem. I wanted them to hang a while to relax into their length. Tomorrow they'll be hemmed and the curtain rods will be installed. I can't wait!


  1. Your bed is beautiful even un-made!! I love the color of your room too! I did living room curtains this week. I did not photograph the during just the after, now i cannot get a good picture because of the light. ahem.

  2. great tip on the curtain making process...i hate making them for the same reason.

    i do the two pin trick to remind myself to stop sewing, too! it helps most of the time. :)

  3. Really useful tips for making Curtains. I try making Curtains in the same way you show and it was so easy to make the Curtains. Keep sharing!


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