Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guy gifts are so difficult

Sometimes browsing Etsy is very dangerous. I sort of feel like a thief stealing ideas like this, but they are so good I couldn't help myself.

I wanted to do a DIY Christmas for my co-workers this year. The two girls are easy. I didn't get a chance to photograph what I made them but picture a set of three lavender sachets made from linen and Amy Butler prints, a travel jewelry roll made from Denise Schmidt County Fair fabrics and a pair of earrings made of clear and smoky quartz.

Now the guy, on the other hand, was much more of a battle. I did take note at one conference that he wore a shirt that required cuff links and every fall he takes a couple of weekends to go hunting with his buddies.

So do the math: cuff links+ hunting+Etsy=

I have to say these are my favorite DIY Christmas present to date. And really my husband did all the dirty work. One day after work I informed my husband that he needed to shoot his shot gun. He gave me a weird look but I insisted he get off the couch and shoot his gun. Three times to be exact. I wanted a spare just in case one got messed up. He obliged eagerly. Husband cut the shotgun shell, so I was left with top part of the bullet and I attached some cuff link blanks I had thrifted previously. Definately not a heirloom quality item, but something unique and something I know he will love. I paired these cuff links with a tie pin found at an antique store that has his last initial monogrammed on the front which also happens to be made with two tonal metals. So they kind of go together.

I still have 4 more gifts to make yet. And it's Tuesday. And they need mailed. Not looking good at all!

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  1. how did you attach the cufflink blank to the shotgun shell?


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