Friday, November 19, 2010

It's sewing season!

I think subconsciously that daylight savings time not only signifies the change in mother nature's seasons, but also my sewing season. I found it extremely difficult to spend time at my sewing machine this summer, but now that it is getting dark around 5pm (boo!) it's more enjoyable to spend time with my iron and sewing machine.

I am busy sewing for December Holiday Handmade Open House. I wanted to include several different sizes of bags and to date I haven't really sewn any handbags. This style of bag is nothing new, but I love the process of making a pattern. I start out by grabbing my ruler and get an idea of the finished size. Then I jot down a few measurements before I start cutting. Being as this was my first attempt at this size and style, I looked in my stash for some fabrics I won't mind messing up. I found a linen calendar towel, some teal corduroy, and brown cotton canvas remnant.
I finished the bag with a cute wooden toggle button from the stash. The interior is comprised of the remaining parts of the linen calendar towel and some chocolate brown polka dot cotton. A zipper pocket and one slip pocket provide additional storage and organization.

Overall, it was a great mental exercise and the finished product was exactly what I was hoping for. That generally doesn't happen! I believe this handbag took less than 1/2 yard of fabric to complete too. When I make my next one I'll have to keep track of the amount used.

I don't think I'll get too much sewing down this weekend. It's date night tonight (very excited about this!) and tomorrow I am taking a road trip to Baltimore with a girlfriend of mine to visit Ikea! Sunday's are for napping. :)


  1. Love your bag! I wish I had the knack of "just winging it". I get so scared that I'm really going to waste some good fabric. I have a pattern for a bag, not like yours, and I guess I just need to make some to get the idea of how to "wing it"!

    It would be fun to use a towel with the year of some important event ... just an idea ...

  2. i LOVE that bag. if you sold it at a market near me, i'd be sure to be there first thing in the morning and grab it! love the colours - and most of all i love that it's got my birthday on the front 21 february 1981. awesome ;-)

  3. Love the bag! I understand the urge to create more when the cold weather comes around.

  4. Ha ha, can you tell I haven't been reading my favorite blogs in forever? :)

    This is gorgeous! I often pick up those calendar towels but never do anything with them. What a great idea!

  5. Lovely work, I love the fabric choose You madre.


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