Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eye candy

This summer I had some great finds. One day I was chatting with a lady in a semi-local fabric store trying to find fabrics with a similar weave to some vintage cotton I had been collecting. I wanted to start turning them into a quilt. She directed me to a friend of hers that was parting with her 200+ collection of old feed sacks! As you can see from the top photo I came home with several in a purple/orange colors! I cannot wait to start on this quilt! I have been following Stitched in Color's {Colorbrick} Quilt Along and I think I'll be using her pattern to use these fabrics. I also picked up some plain white feed sacks for the sashing.


I found this pretty little table for a song at an estate sale this summer. I officially now have 2 end tables! Go me.


  1. What an amazing haul! I envy your fabric stash.

  2. You can still use your end table as a basket!


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