Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tea In Progress...

All summer long I have had a steady garden companion. However she likes to find the most shady spot and watch me work. And she never gets the weeding done like I ask her to either. :)

At any rate, I have been very pleased with the chamomile I started from seed this spring! And even though the bees have been feasting on its fragrant flowers, it was time for me to start the harvest. Harvesting is very simple. I pinched off each bud swatting away a bee from time to time and collected them in one of my favorite pottery bowls.
It just so happens that the color of this bowl really pops with the chamomile flowers and made a good photo. A happy accident or was someone planning ahead?

I left a few flowers in the plant. I felt a little greedy taking everything. To dry these I placed all the buds on cheese cloth, single layer and let them air dry for about 10 days. Just to keep things in perspective all those flowers only equals about 2 cups of tea. But the good news is that the plants haven't stopped blossoming! Chamomile is suppose to be a perennial, so hopefully more mature plants will produce more flowers for me next year. Or I can always plant a bigger patch next year. Which will probably be the case. Right next to the lavender.


  1. I remember collecting chamomile flowers when I was a little girl. It was so mysterious to me that I could make tea from these pretty little flowers.

    I can't do much gardening, but I think I'll toss out some seeds next year - I really like chamomile tea.


  2. Love your chamomile! My stepmom found one for me this spring and has been keeping it until I'm able to retrieve it. I don't think it looks this good!

  3. Those look so pretty in the bowl! I planted a chamomile plant this spring and it has just a few flowers on it...hopefully next year there'll be enough to really harvest.

    Cats make good supervisors, don't they? Her fur is so beautiful, I love calicos!

  4. What a pretty kitty! Nice to meet you and loving your header.

  5. Wow, I wouldn't have thought of growing my own chamomile. What a great idea and it's so pretty (as is your not-so-helpful assistant).

  6. oh that sound wonderful. i haven't gotten blossoms on mine the past 2 year and will have to try again. Chamomile tea is what I give to my daughter for our teatime and for me what my tummy hurts. Pretty pictures.

  7. Hi, LeeAnn!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment—it's nice to meet you. LOVE your blog header ... it's so beautiful. Totally wish my chamomile grew this year. I started it from seed and nothing came up :( Definitely going to try next year, though!


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