Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Millions of blueberries

I really don't think you can get enough blueberries. Over 4th of July break we went blueberry picking. Of course the berries weren't ready during the 75 degree days but were prime picking when it was over 95.

We ate our fill fresh. Just popping them in whenever we passed by a pint and in our yogurt in the morning. The rest we froze. Now, some people freeze them as is on a baking sheet before pouring them in a freezer bag. I actually wash mine before hand. I like to eat the little frozen blueberry pops right out of the freezer so I don't want to have to worry about pre-washing them. And if I make my breakfast in the morning and take it along to work I like to just throw a few frozen berries in my yogurt before heading out the door. So we rinse and sort and lay the berries on hand towel in front of a box fan to get them dry before we freeze in a single layer. Then I measure 4 cups to each quart bag. This way when I am planning for recipes I know how much to get out.

We went to a farm stand this afternoon and they still had a few quarts of blueberries for sale. I only had $6 cash on me and it was a real struggle not to grab a couple more boxes to put in the freezer but the sweet, fragrant smell of peaches seduced me instead.

Ah. Peach season is upon us. Now I need to go find my Presidents of the United States CD.


  1. People around here often go to Michigan to pick blueberries, but with all the rain, I've been hearing the fields are too muddy and wet. I've been buying mine at the farmers markets - much easier than picking them myself. :) I prepare mine the same way you do to freeze them. We also like to just eat them frozen right out of small bags.

  2. I regularly hum "millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free" whilst I am cutting up peaches for my breakfast :)

  3. There is nothing like popping a few frozen blueberries when the weather is hot! I freeze mine like you do.


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