Saturday, September 4, 2010

August equals tomatoes

August came and went. Where does time go? All I know is that a considerable time was spent in the heat of the garden and then the heat of the kitchen. The photo above reflects some of my efforts with canning a few varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Many we froze in large quantities to make sauce with later. This year we conducted "the great tomato experiment." We have preliminary results in, but the final verdicts will have to be postponed until later this winter when we see how each variety preserved. So far Mr. Stripey gets a thumbs down.

I have been sewing, however, I no longer have Photoshop which make blogging a bit difficult. I downloaded a free trial of Elements and I have been pretty pleased with it! And for whatever reason, I haven't been in a show-n-tell mood all summer. Blech. Hopefully that will change soon. Just in time for the winter light to impair my photography.

In the mean time, did you know I won a contest over on Making It Lovely? The prize was delivered last week. This morning I finally got around to setting it up. I am just smitten!

{Mmm. Espresso!}


  1. I've been feeling the same - too busy and distracted to hear the call of the blogging muse. Now that it's turning to Fall outside, maybe we'll feel like sharing again.
    Congratulations on your prize!

  2. I wish I had enough tomatoes to can. My grandmother used to can enough to use all winter long and would give me some when I visited. I miss that.

    That is some prize you won! Congratulations!


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