Friday, July 9, 2010

10 min AM makeover

What happens when you forgot to wrap a gift and it is 10 minutes before you have to leave for work? Let me tell you...

The perfect sized box but it's damaged!

I needed something to disguise the damage on the card board box so I grabbed a piece of scrap fabric and some trusty double stick fusible webbing. I cut the strip about 2 inches wide and long enough to wrap back on the inside of the lid.

Fused one side to the fabric and peeled away the wax paper.

Used the iron to glue it to all side of the lid.

I fused the fabric on the top and bottom. Isn't this pacifier clip the cutest?

Close up on the button. I did not make this. I found it at a local fabric store.

Finished it with some ricrac and it's done! And I even had time to take the photos! Skillz.


  1. You are GOOD! I wouldn't have come up with something that cute that fast. I hope the recipient really likes both the box and the gift.

  2. hello lee Ann! your blog is a nice discovery!! have a funny day in the garden :)

  3. That is fabulous! The box is a gift itself!

  4. Skillz is right! That look so ... professional! Great job. :)

  5. wow LeeAnn! It's so cute. You are totally fast on your feet, that *so* would have taken my like 1/2 hour or more. You rock.

  6. Skillz - no kidding! All that and pictures in short order. Impressive!

  7. Impressive! And really gorgeous. I just found your blog and love your taste and your skills.

    How did the fabric glue to the box? Is the glue in the double fusion or you added glue and ironed that?


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