Monday, July 5, 2010

Fruits, er, I mean vegetables of my labor

July 3rd I tore out all my lettuce. Most had already sent forth a tower of seeds but the red lettuce stayed full and beautiful. Too bad she's as bitter as a jilted bride.

My golden beets are young and tender! I have discovered that this variety doesn't hold up well to refrigeration. I shook off the dirt, left the tops on them and put them in our mini 'root cellar' til tomorrow when these will be roasted up with some balsamic vinegar. Can't wait!

And our first red tomatoes. These are a roma variety. Part of our great tomato experiment this year. Over 11 varieties to see what we like best. These little buggers are like grape tomatoes on steroids. I hope the rest get a bit bigger. To celebrate the first red tomatoes of the season, and because they were so small, I made some garlic bread out of a french baguette and smeared the tomato into the bread. It was delicious.

The snow peas and sugar snap peas are also finished and I added those plants to the compost as well.


  1. Oooh golden beets! I've only gotten a few teeny tiny beets from my CSA this year, but a metric TON of lettuce and leafy greens. I'm ready for some maters and (dare I say it) squash! With all this heat, the tomato plants should be practically on steroids...

  2. I once had a friend give me lettuce from her garden and it was so bitter that I've never tried to grow it myself. I've never tried golden beets, but I'm going to look for them at the farmers market! I have several tomatoes that are on the brink of being picked.

  3. Yea! Looks beautiful! Your title is cracking me up too...

  4. Nice veggies :) Man, your lettuce looks a whole lot better and fuller than mine. I think I waited too long to plant it outside, and it got too leggy.

  5. I don't know what took the spinach so long to get leafy, but I'll try again in the fall as well. I've cut it a couple times now. I didn't plant enough lettuce with 8 plants although I guess it would have been okay if more spinach had survived. I was looking at my green peppers today, and one of them has a brown spot developing even though it's still pretty small. This is the first time I've grown them so I'm not sure how long I should wait to pick them. I was trying to wait for them to get bigger.

  6. This post made me laugh out loud - bitter as a jilted bride, HAH!


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