Sunday, July 4, 2010


Making my house a home one used piece of furniture at a time....

Picked this lovely end table up during a First Saturday event in downtown Frederick, MD this weekend.

Solid wood with a midcentury modern feel. Dove tail inlays. Perfect condition.

Not a bad replacement to the old kitchen table chair we were using. Twenty three dollars and eighty five cents well invested I'd say!


  1. A great investment! That was a fabulous find. I like the dove tail inlay; that's not something you see very often.

  2. Such a great find! I could use a little table like that myself in our place... I'll be on the hunt now that I've seen yours.

  3. you always have the BEST finds!!!

  4. That is one beautiful table at a very reasonable price :) The dove tailing is just gorgeous!


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