Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photos part 3

"My Hand" requested by MaryAnn.
Over Christmas I found a great deal on a tripod and I had my first chance to use it while taking some photos of an Etsy custom order this weekend. Using a tripod is fantastic and allowed me to use both hands to stage the photo while still looking at the view screen to check composition and balance. This is a photo outtake. I kind of got caught up in making little hand puppets. I used to entertain my little sister for hours with 'hand people' and making her stuffed animals come to life. So excuse my wintered hands and let's play!

If you are wondering why in the world I am taking pictures of my hand, you can read more at my original post here and photo part 1 and photo part 2.

This is the custom business card holder I was photographing at the time. It's headed over to this super cool Houston photographer Three Heart Photography . Check her blog out to see what she has to say about Etsy (and me!).

And Ann-Margret is hosting a blog give-a-way. Head on over and check it out.


  1. Oooh, a tripod! I want one. Your hand is beautiful (I really think hands are such a miracle)--and so is your little pouch! Love that V-notch.
    SMiles, Karen

  2. Ha, funny you mention me because when I saw the photo I was like, " Lee's making a hand puppet and I'm not there!"


  3. Hi LeeAnn's hand! I think you are so sweet!

  4. oh how i love your card holder! and your hands are ever so lovely as well!


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