Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Turquoise and Red" request by Very Mary
Vintage mug racks found this past summer.

"A Funny Shaped Cloud" request by Amber
Picture taken just before sunset today. I was still on the road and had to take a phone call. I pulled over at a rural gas station and looked up. I am glad I took my camera with me today. What do you think it is?

"Food" requested by Kim
I saw that conversation hearts were available and I had to take a treat when we (Jeff) watched football at a friends house last weekend. So some cupcakes magically appeared. By the way, have you checked out the blog Bake It Pretty? Amanda has moved her super cute baking items from Etsy to her own online shop . She has chocolate button molds. I kid you not! Makes me want to make more cupcakes.

Thanks for all the requests! I'll get more photos up later.


  1. not sure what the cloud could be..what is it to you?--Amber

  2. Oh, I love the racks! Good call on that one!

  3. I love the mug racks, too!! :)

  4. The fluffy cloud looks like a "mighty dog" to me... leaping through the air. Silly, huh?


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