Thursday, September 4, 2008

Once you get an idea...

My 8 month old nephew visited early this week and had a fondness for tags. I can see why babies really enjoy the Taggie brand toys available. During work one day this week I drew up very simple design/ directions for a new small toy for him. It was super easy and I finished it in one sitting after work. I used a very soft brushed cotton as the body, tucked the center once I finished stuffing it and finished it off with a small patch of felt embroidered in place. He'll get to play with it next Monday when he travels back through the area on their way back home from vacation.
I also want to share a new blog with everyone. Lately I have been having some great new people stop by and comment and most recently LollyChops has shared this free template along with several others.
She has a thing for sewing, beads, and birds. Something most of us have in common. :) I signed up for her Pay It Forward offer. I have seen this all around blog land and finally decided to play along. And I announce this because I am required to, well, pay it forward. So look forward to an upcoming post about that.


  1. Super cute toy! I love your blog and have it bookmarked! Mind if I add you to my daily reads list on my blog?

  2. The little toy is so cute! You are so talented. I'm checking out the blog you mentioned, too. Just read her bead embroidery post. I am going to add her to my Google Reader list!

  3. The toy is the neatest little thing! I'll bet your nephew will love it! And I'll check out the blog you mentioned too.

  4. Hey there stranger! Thanks for sharing my template with everyone.

    Your toy turned out fantastic! I MUST know where you got that ribbon! I simply love it!


  5. Cute tag toy! Such a nice auntie you are! :o)

  6. The toy is just lovely! I can see why your Nephew would be absolutely enamored with it! :)

    Reclaiming The Home

  7. What a cute tag toy! I recently added tags to the blocks I made for my nephew & he grabbed right on. It really works, haha. Yours is super cute.


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