Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Food Discovery

My husband doesn't care much for condiments and this includes salad dressings. And why spend the money for store bought dressings when I have all the ingredients on hand? So every time I'd like a bit of dressing for my salad I mix up a small amount. I usually place the 3 tbl of vinegar, 3 tbl of oil, salt & pepper, and any chosen herbs in a small jam jar and add a lid. Shake till combined.
Balsamic vinaigrette on the left, Golden Balsamic vinaigrette on the right.

Any leftovers that have been refrigerated come out looking like the jar on the right. A yucky mass of congealed olive oil. Blah. That was until I was watching an episode of Good Eats and Alton Brown said that mustard is a natural emulsifier. Now whole grain mustard gets special treatment in our kitchen because we don't consider it a condiment but rather an ingredient. So last night when I made my vinaigrette I added about a 1/4 tsp of whole grain mustard to the mix. And tonight when I reached back in the fridge for it- behold- no congealed mess. Not a mustard fan you say? Not a problem. My taste buds could not detect the 1/4 tsp of mustard in the dressing. So this makes me happier than a clam in sand.

More of a fall note- I bought a gallon of apple cider this weekend AND a box of ginger snaps (a.k.a. spiced wafers). Happiness is sure to ensue.


  1. Wow! I am going to have to try that out! I am Italian and that's the only dressing my grandma ever made. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Lee, I needed a bit of your humor today. I should really try that cuz Mairen is a stickler on that. But we'll if I ever get around to it.

  3. Huh, who knew that about mustard? Not I.


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