Sunday, August 31, 2008

It only took me 3 months...

I finally sewed up some pillow covers for the new pillow forms I bought back in the beginning of summer.
I finally used that really fun Japanese button cotton canvas fabric! Yay! I love it. And then for the larger floor pillow I used some clearance linen blend I had on hand. I still have a few more to make, but those pillow forms haven't been purchased.

Saturday morning I decided to do some vacuuming which lead into moving a few pieces of furniture, and then I included Jeff on the action and now we have a completely rearranged/reorganized living room space. I couldn't stand having all his electronics in plain site anymore so I gave him a hutch (where I normally store candles, table linens, vases, knickknacks) to hide everything. That small storage sacrifice was worth it!

So the new space with the new pillows makes me want to make my red and aqua blanket even more.


  1. How lovely they are! Maybe you will get me inspired to finally make some pillows too! I have been meaning to for ages...

    Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  2. Just found your blog from futuregirl's.. and read down to your killer sweaters-being-saved for-crafts collection. I would seriously kill for that orange one! It's awesomeness leaves me speechless.

    Nice blog!

  3. Your house looks great... maybe someday I'll make it out there! Also digging the new blog title photo!

  4. YEAH!!! Helloooo LeeAnn! Thanks for commenting on my blog and taking part in my pay it forward extravaganza. Can you let me know what your favorite colors are.. I want to make you something super special!!

    Hope you have a terrific week!


  5. Hey LeeAnn!

    What a goof I am!



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