Thursday, September 18, 2008

Travel worthy project

When life gets busy, find a project that travels well! I very cautiously cut into my cashmere stash- finally. Buttercup wanted to get to know Gray a little better. I precut all my pieces, gathered a needle and thread and put everything together in a zipper pouch. When I can grab a few minutes during lunch I recharge myself by sewing a few stitches in the beautiful autumn sunshine. Seriously, the east coast has been heaven lately.

I really wanted to visit my blog this evening, but I didn't get to take photos till dusk. Color is off, but the sunset couldn't have been more colorful.
I have some fun mail to show off soon too! I got my vintage 6x6 squares from a swap organized by Katie. I haven't even had a chance to completely go through all that goodness. And I have to properly thanks all the swappers.

AND I received my Pay It Forward package from Lolly. Awesomeness. Pictures to follow soon. This can only mean I will be continuing the tradition and Paying It Forward to some fellow blog readers. So be on the look out for that post.

My pincushions were also featured over on the Bee Square Blog. :) That's pretty fun!

So do you have a good travel project? Share and share alike.


  1. YAY! You got that puppy FAST! I hope you liked everything!

  2. I need a good travel project. It's so beautiful outside right now that I just can't be inside sewing (but apparently I can be inside blogging?). My fingers and brain are just itching with projects, though!!

    Congrats on all your happy surprises...

  3. These sqaures are beautifully connected. I am intrigued by that stich.


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