Thursday, July 3, 2008

Container Garden

This year I have a green container garden. Mainly herbs and plants carried over from last year. These photo's were taken almost 3 weeks ago and I am amazed how much growth has happened since then. Here's the grand tour.... Basil with a small amount of parsley. I keep pinching back the basil and it keeps growing thicker and thicker. I have attemped to start two more plantings from seed, but some invisible bug keeps eating the little seedlings. I'll give it another go when I get back from this weekend.

Rosemary is the large plant. I have been grilling potatoes and steak with fresh springs off this plant and its all been delicious. This week I made my first ever lavender/rosemary hair rinse. It made my hair so shiny and I didn't even have to use conditioner to detangle. Amazing stuff. You can make out a few cilantro seedlings in the pot to the left.

This gerber daisy plant/ sweet potato vine is 3 years old. I have this pot when I lived in MI and my Mom was the first one to bring it inside before a frost and it keeps on surviving.

Oregano and thyme.

I charge by the minute to hang out next to this pot. Dwarf lavender (which is so fragrant even as foliage) and lambsears. It's so relaxing to sit and pet the lambsears and smell the lavender. All your troubles fade away! If you have a keen eye, you'll also notice a random sage plant in the pot too. When I bought the oregano and thyme the checkout lady gave me the sage plant for free. And I didn't have an extra pot so it landed there.

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!


  1. minty. and basily. and perfecty.

  2. What a fun post!

    I've tried basil before and for me it's a tricky one. We have a huge rosemary bush - that stuff grows like crazy!

    You certainly have a green thumb! (or two!!)

    Happy 4th! : )

  3. I too have a container garden-it is tons of fun!

  4. Wow. That is some healthy basil. I love to make pesto and freeze it in muffins tins. My family members ask for some of the "hockey pucks". There is a great recipe for Porcini Sage Risotto on the Williams-Sonoma website. Enjoy. Vicki at

  5. Your herbs look very healthy. You're doing something right!

  6. Yum! So verdant! My herb plants are currently suffering from a several week drought (aided by the fact that I suck at remembering to water). I'm hoping they come back, the chives already have, but those things never die.

    I had a wonderful deviled egg this weekend you can make with your sage. For the egg filling, just mix your yolks with Vidalia onion salad dressing, then top with a fried sage leaf. The sage leaf looks all bubbly like caviar. Mmmmmmm soo good!

  7. First time here! You have a wonderful blog :) Can you please post the lavender hair rinse?


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