Friday, June 27, 2008

Birthday love

I have to share some goodies from my blogger friends. Last week was my birthday and some fun mail showed up on my door step!

I'd like to thank Mary Ann for this very pretty fabric. There is plenty to have fun with. I have been reading Japanese crafting magazines and I can use this with some linen and vintage trims to make a couple of cute bags. So thank you very much Mary Ann! And by the way, she has a very cool give-a-way going on. Check it out!

Lindsey's birthday is just one day after mine and she surprised me with a bunch of goodies.
Lindsey challenged me with these squares.

Buttons and puppy prints! Included is also a fabric pendant. I'll be using the little snap pouch to keep my jewelry from tangling while traveling.

All these scraps from her Swell Quilt!

All the frogs agree that this was a good birthday!

Thanks everyone for the emails, phone calls, and well wishes!


  1. looks like you got some greta love for your birthday! what a great deal!

  2. You are a lucky birthday girl! I enjoy your blog very much! Keep postin'...

  3. Glad you liked everything! Can't wait to see what you do with the squares...

  4. Happy belated birthday! I can't get enough of those Swell fabrics, I bought more yesterday.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday LeeAnn!

  6. Look like it was a great birthday! How fun, never too old to get goodies in the mail :)

  7. Seems to me that we all have you nailed as a fabric whore;) Not that it's a bad thing.

    Love, the paper whore

  8. Happy late Birthday! Glad to hear it was a good one :)

  9. What lovely gifts you got! Everyone was so thoughtful! Happy birthday to you :)


  10. happy belated birthday!
    yay for good presents!!!

  11. Happy belated birthday! I am doing a bit of catching up on your blog which I am pretty gaga over.

    Such good friends you have. Your gifts are so nice!

    Hope you will have a lovely year.


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