Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday weekends

*sigh of contentment*

My birthday isn't until this coming Wednesday, but we started a little tradition of extending the birthday celebrations to the weekend before. You kinda get a free pass to do fun things and spend money (moderately). Like yesterday I went to a Lavender Festival with a good friend of mine and yard saled our way back home. Afterwards, Jeff and I left to find an open thrift store to find fondue forks (found a brand new stainless steel fondue pot a while back for $5!). We left the thrift store empty handed and used our BedBath coupon to acquire a set, which then lead to Thai for dinner, and used my Birthday Coupon from Cold Stone Creamery (birthday cake remix all the way!). But our night wasn't finished yet. We headed to the grocery store and bought lemons for lemonade and salted shell peanuts for snacking.

Now it's Sunday afternoon and I wish it was still Saturday. I don't want my weekend to be over. Right now we are both sitting on our shaded patio after just finishing a bike ride. I threw a vintage table cloth over our small outdoor table. Jeff is reading the paper and I tried to download all my photos from my camera. We are both sipping lemonade. So perfect.

I was only able to download one set of photo's before the camera battery died. That's why we use rechargeable batteries I suppose. I did get a chance to post a new pin cushion in the shop along with another reusable grocery bag. I am trying to finish sewing up all the to-do projects so there may be some odds and ends showing up on Etsy over the next few weeks.

Tonight we are going to enjoy a special dinner out on the patio. Awhile back I grabbed some king crab legs for $7/lb! We figured we enjoy them this evening with butter. I doubt we'll make anything else. Just eat a bunch of crab and that's fine with me. :)

I have a few posts lined up for this week once I get the pictures.
1) A very delayed swap post.
2) Lavender festival
3) How does my container garden grow? Very well thank you!

I am sure when I wake up tomorrow it will be Saturday again.


  1. I agree - birthday weekends are the best! Glad you had a good one...and keep celebrating through next weekend too.

  2. Ooh looking forward to the upcoming posts! Happy almost-birthday!

  3. Sounds like the birthday season is off to a good start. May it continue with fun and frivolity for a good while longer. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Well - Happy Birthday! Enjoy-Enjoy-Enjoy!!!

  5. Sounds like a great birthday weekend. :)


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