Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Testing the waters

I will be testing the marital waters soon with infusing a feminine flare to our home decoration. So far, in the 2 years we have lived together, I have made a considerable effort in keeping our decorations fairly gender neutral. No hide nor hair of floral to be found (except for the occasional real kind). No cute, girlie photo's. No pink. Lot's of red though, but we both like that. I think my husband is giving me silent hints that we need more living room pillows. Silent as in take all the available pillows with him to the chair leaving none on the couch when it's time for me to sit down. Hurumph! JoAnn sent me coupons last week and I think tomorrow on my way home from work I will stop in for some pillow forms. I think they had an eco/green pillow form option, so I will pick that up if available.

I have a ton of pillow ideas in my head. Let's jot some down so I don't forget.... Feel free to chime in. I gathered the fabrics in the photo above for some inspiration. We are highlighting the color red... if that isn't obvious.

1) Using linen scraps from my upcycled linen skirts and dresses, do a strippy pillow using all the neutral linen I have available with long vertical (or horizonal depending on which way you position the pillow) contrasting red top stitching. (inspiration taken from old feed bags) Modern but vintage! Oxymoron at its best!

2) One pillow will have that fabulous button fabric shipped all the way from Japan. I may just do a solid panel (front and back?) Must pay homage to my sewing hobby in a general living area.

3) I thought it would be fun to do a patchwork pillow with linen and the polka dot fabric surround the letter 'Hh' (a monogram of our last name).

4) Pleats should enter this equation at some point. Maybe take the red and white floral and pleat a center panel for textural interest.

We need at least three pillows. More if I can find the gumption.

Before I end this post I have to give 17 bonus points to my husband for cleaning out the fridge tonight. I am 10 feet away and whatever was in that plastic container just knocked me over. Where are the candles at?


  1. I am in LOVE with your pillow ideas! :D those are fabulous!!! :)

    Thank you also for the sweet congratulations on the blog. *HUGS*! :)



  2. I love the fabrics in the photo! I think pillow idea # 1 sounds really cute :)

  3. applique and embroidery! Add those to the equation!

  4. Oh no further ideas you have some great ones so far. Please show off the finished goods I cant wait to see them!!!

  5. Great start! Then you can just throw the quilt in and he'll never notice! :)

  6. Sounds like you have some great ideas. I also like the pillows that have a panel of vintage tapestry in them.

  7. Your pillow ideas are great! Please show pictures when you're done. (I love those baby blocks too.)

  8. after reading comments on this particular blog, I found it funny that no one commented on your inside humor. I for one thought it was HILARIOUS! It made my stomach hurt worse then my mile long jog I took earlier. (in a good way) But then again, I'm your sister so I'd imagined the situation... :)


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