Monday, April 21, 2008


I was playing around with some scraps of linen (from thrifted skirts) and vintage bed sheets to come up with these baby blocks. I got to experiment with contrasting thread and some of the really cool stitches I have on my machine too.
It's interesting to note that all the squares measured 5x5 to make all of these blocks. Seam allowance made all the difference. I also found out that I need to draw my sewing lines in order to clean, crisp corners. That way I don't over sew my seams and end up with a trapezoid instead of a cube. And if you don't want any of your squares to match a joining square you need at least 3 different fabrics for a total of 6 squares. I used interfacing to get the structure I was looking for and it also helped keep the linen from stretching out of whack.

These will be shipped off soon to a new baby girl. :)


  1. the blocks are very cute! I always find that marking the seam allowances on the blocks works better. That way I'm not guessing where to stop and start!

  2. You are the anti-wonk queen. everything you do is so crisp and neat and clean. I love it and envy your skills.

  3. What a lovely idea, and what a great way to use up all those odd pieces of fabric that aren't quite big enough for anything else.


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