Thursday, April 24, 2008

Give-a-way Alert!

If you haven't been over to read Indie-Pendence, click the link right now!

There is a splendiferous give-a-way going on that includes a denim zipper pouch I made with pin tuck details. There are 8 other really cool/amazing/splendiferous handmade items also part of the great give-a-way package. Get your name in the hat by May 1st!

So we are renting a new construction townhouse with really poor landscaping. But cute Critter doesn't mind the tall, patchy grass. Just more dirt to roll in and grass to hunt from. Last week she got her first hunting prize, which I made Jeff take away from her. I draw the line at baby bunnies even though I like to encourage her huntress ways. Critter, do me a favor and stick with rodents! .... thankfully Critter was having more fun playing with the bunny than actually hurting it and the bunny was old enough to survive on its own. once Jeff shooed Critter away it didn't hesitate to get out of Dodge......


  1. I really love the pouch you made for the giveaway!

  2. I thought that bag looked familiar! I love it!

  3. Are you getting spammer comments now? Eeek, I hate those. Anyway, love the pouch! I've entered the contest, so I've got my fingers crossed. I also got your thank you in the mail today - thanks! I LOVE your moo card! Sooo cute.


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