Sunday, March 2, 2008

I finished another work in progress. The idea was to make an over-sized clutch/wristlet with pleats. I struggled a lot with this. The zipper is what really got me. The slight curve and extra bulk of the pleats really caused some problems. My sewing machine was even getting cranky. While I think the idea is still a good one, I do not feel this version is the best execution.

I did use some of the hardware I upcycled from the thrifted purses. That worked out really nice.
A very colorful interior. My top stitching is not as smooth as it usually is because of the added bulk. My machine usually whips right through these challenges, but not this time.

I may put this up on Etsy for cheap sometime soon to see if anyone would like it. I think the zipper is a bit too wonky, but it works just fine.

I did finish the bag just for me this week. But the pictures I took were all off. The exposure wasn't right. It might have been the reflecting light from the snow that was throwing everything off. I'll try again later.


  1. Hi LeeAnn--how nice to see you again!!

    That darn snow! lol
    The bag is darling--I like the pleats. It is a bummer when things don't turn out just as you plan, but it is part of the process (the learning process!)

    Smiles, Karen

  2. I think you're onto something here--the pleats and the shape are wonderful.

    I'm the Etsy buyer you made the red wristlet for--just wanted to let you know I'm LOVING it. And my mom looked at it very carefully and pronounced it well-sewn...she's been sewing for fifty years, so her opinion is valuable indeed! LOL!

  3. LeeAnn I just love it! You are so talented!

    I always have that problem with the curves and the zipper. I find that if you iron the zipper lightly first, it happens to go around the curve better. As for the bulk, I have no answers for that ;)

  4. love the pleats+contrast stitching

  5. I'm convinced the perpetual overcast skies have the same effect on my photos--it just gives everything this white glare.

    The bag is seriously cute. Love the lining.

  6. I just love the pleats that you are focusing on. And is that denim? It may be bulky - but that material looks fabulous pleated.

    Really nice! : )

  7. I love the wristlet LeeAnn. I especially like your contrasting stitching you use on pleats. Cute cute cute!!

  8. Wow! I think it's really cute! I love the flower on front. And way to use that thrifted hardware! If I can get to the darn thrift store I'll be thinking of you as I scour the purse aisle. :)


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