Friday, February 29, 2008

Easy as 1,2,3!

Did you know you can make homemade dinner rolls in under 90 minutes including the rise and bake time? I mean holly cow! These are phenomenal! You can find the recipe here. I highly recommend them. I usually have to go through a dozen recipes before I find something I like, but not this time. I double the recipe and it gives me a bakers dozen of rolls that fits perfectly in my corning ware dish. Just make sure you use bread flour. In this version I substituted 1.5 c of whole wheat flour and they still baked up tall and scrumptious.
Freshly rolled into little buns ready to be proofed.

Just after 30 minutes of raising in the warm, moist oven.

Exactly 20 minutes in the oven. Soooo GOOD!

If you have never made homemade bread before, but wanted to give it a try... here is the perfect chance. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I'm going to print this out right now. I love a good recipe that someone has tried and given the thumbs up - thank you!

  2. Thanks for that link. I bookmarked and I think I'll make some for Sunday dinner. Nothing says comfort like the perfume of baking bread

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  4. YUM! If I made that, I'd end up eating the whole batch.

  5. Looks delish! I too would eat the whole pan right out of the oven. There is nothing quite like fresh baked warm bread...nothing

  6. Yummmmy, I love rolls so much. I could probably live on carbs. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try this.


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