Friday, February 1, 2008

Before I go to work this morning

Oh geeze. Have you looked outside? It's a raging ice storm here. It has warmed up to 32 degrees since I got up this morning and the roads seem to be OK. I do have my car started up to start shedding the sheet of ice that is blanketing it, but I am still debating about work.
But, while I was eating breakfast I browsed some of my favorite shops and saw Oriri Draco Design was having a huge sale! I don't even knit and I still ogle over her fibers. And it really is a steal to grab these at the price she has them at. I know how much work she puts into each and every skein. I just thought I should spread the word, and whoever decides to pick up the deep violet yarn pictured above is one lucky knitter. It's my favorite!


  1. Whoa, that's an amazing deal! Wouldn't that make a beautiful scarf?

  2. That color is just divine. Wish I had some time.


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