Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kittens and Curtains

I had a pretty successful day today with my real job and decided to hit a thrift store on my way home. I remember seeing one in the center of my new town and decided to check it out. Only I was surprised with 3 thrift stores on the same block! Holy cow! Look what happens when you open your eyes! But check it out.

I got three yards of the navy polka dot fabric. I have a My Favorite Skirts pattern already to try out. I can see me going to church in this skirt paired with my cream cashmere cardigan set. Now thrift store, where is my cream cashmere cardigan set? I also got the very graphic tan, blue and orange print AND the set of curtains its sitting on. A lovely chocolate herringbone pattern with a long vertical solid brown stripe detail. They are so well made. These are going to be hung in my office. When I came home and dumped all my thrift store findings on the living room floor to show my husband I said, "And look at these curtains! What's great about these is that when I get tired of them I can turn it into a purse!" Which is not an uncommon statement from my mouth. I am always thinking about a fabric's 'second life'. Not missing a beat Jeff looks up at me and says, "Now what are you going to turn me into when you get tired of me!" Hmmm. Let me think about that one a bit. :p

And I made that homemade bread yesterday. I made the sponge in the morning and it had made lots of yeast babies by evening. I used this recipe and it turned out quite nice. Not much of it is left. Tonight for dinner we had grilled ham and swiss cheese sandwiches (on the homemade bread) and tomato soup. The bread had a tinge of an english muffin flavor to it. But the consistency and texture was fabulous.

And in the spirit of crossing items off my to-do list, Critter Kitty has a vet appointment for next month. All the boys in town are going to be disappointed. A few weekends ago I was cleaning and sorting. Unpacking a few remaining boxes and such. There were a few boxes remaining and she decided to claim this one as her own. I had left the mess for a few hours to run errands and when I came back I had just woken Miss Critter up from a luxurious brown cardboard box nap.


  1. Great finds! Esp. those curtains (my little eye zoomed in on those first thing!)

    The sandwich looks so good - I might have to try that recipe.

    Your critter looks alot like my Lucy - but my girl has shorter hair : )

  2. Wow!! I love the curtains!! And you're definitely right, they would make an amazing bag. I think you found some good thrift stores!

  3. Thanks for linking the skirt pattern - it is adorable and I can't wait to see what yours looks like done up!

    Nice fabrics, I miss thrift store shopping although I never seemed to find any fun fabrics.

  4. "And look at these curtains! What's great about these is that when I get tired of them I can turn it into a purse!"

    *snicker* Only certain people can understand and appreciate that! :D

    I, too, noticed the brown tweed first. It's delicious!! :)

  5. That's too funny. Nick would just roll his eyes, lol.

    You're a pro at the thrift shops, I'm never so lucky.

    kitty + box = happiness

  6. Ok, I don't know how many times I've said that purse line--'If it doesn't fit, i can make a purse!'--in varying forms.

    Love the fabric and your cat is too funny.

  7. Love those curtains....I think I had a skit like that with the brown stripe I really liked. Your "second life" really made me giggle and resonated with me. I walked to the thrift store, yesterday (off to get some sweater to felt) found a really neat cotton blouse with unique pink design (1/2 off) thought I would make something out of it. It was on the top of the bag...looked down at it and thought..mmmm I really like that maybe I'll wear it first..thought of your curtains and laughed. Others not built from the same "cloth" wouldn't understand.
    Thanks for your blog and work

  8. Love your thrift finds! Can't wait to see the curtains in action (as either curtains or a purse!) And that fat kitty is too cute!


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