Friday, January 18, 2008

What can you do?

I've had bed sheets laid across my living room floor all week to cut up. My poor fabric marker just went kaput and this afternoon I went back upstairs to get my spare. Brand new, straight from the package I continued my pattern tracing. Jeff got home from work shortly there after and suggested since it was relatively mild outside to bring some furniture from the garage to the upstairs area. So I leave everything in its place on the living room floor. 4 grocery bag patterns already traced and ready to cut out.

We move everything upstairs after some huffing and puffing and then I realize, boy this garage needs to be rearranged. 2.5 hours later I enter the house again. Hmmm. Look at those dirty dishes. They better get cleaned up. Unload, load the dishwasher. Wash pots and pans by hand. Why look at the time! It's dinner time. Ah, its a special dinner tonight. I found snow crab half off and since it's just the two of us, why it's a splurge we enjoy. Steam, steam, steam. Crack, crack, munch. Full tummy. Oh geeze. It's 8:30. Better get back to cutting out the bags. Oh, did I mention I had measured out the matching 2'' strips to turn into bias tape as well.

Back on hands and knees on the living room floor. I stare blankly at my bed sheet. Where are my traces lines?! I don't think I'll ever make the mistake to purchase an air erase marker again. You know, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

On a side note, do you realize this is my 99th post? It's almost seems crazy. I read all the time about people celebratory 100th posting and for some reason it hasn't occured to me that I would reach that milestone. I guess I'll have to play along with the standard give-a-way on the hundredth post. :) Keep a look out!


  1. oh, no...have fun re-marking. :)

    your snow crab dinner sounds fantastic. yum. yum.

  2. that darned disappearing ink! i've had my experience with those, lol!!

  3. You can't turn your back on those sneaky disappearing ink pens for a second.

    I've noticed that different fabrics react to the ink differently, too. Some hold the ink well and on others the ink starts to disappear immediately.

    Sounds like you got alot accomplished overall, though!

    : )

  4. that's so'll make sure I remember that if I ever use one.

    99 exciting....
    Congratulation!!They don't take lomg to add up do they?

  5. Oh man! That stinks!!! I bet it happens to everyone once. Hasn't happened to me yet - cross my fingers - I did have a sewing instructor that said she spent the night marking up her daughter wedding dress and was too tired to finish the alterations so waited 'til morning… yup, the marks all vanished away because it was a disappearing pen!

    If there's a bright side this is it, it sounds like you did get a lot accomplished that day in other areas! (Boy, do I need to clean my house!)

  6. Your post made me smile. I've done that same thing and immediately threw that marker in the trash. Washable is better.

  7. I'm sure I have a few washable ones around here somewhere. I wouldn't know where to find them yet because I'm still not done with the cleaning. 3 days later.

  8. Hi Basil! I had no idea you had a blog here! Great items in The Cherry Stem. I'll have to buy something soon. Glad things are going so well for you. I'm enjoying Project Runway too. Hugs, Sheri (aka Citrinella at Open Diary)


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