Sunday, December 9, 2007

To do list

  • Hang art prints that have been laying in a pile for months... CHECK.

  • Get Xmas tree and decorate... had to find decorations first but... CHECK.
  • Buy PS3 Rockband package for husbands Xmas present.... CHECK.
  • Give in to husbands cries to open present early.... CHECK
  • Play Rockband all weekend... CHECK.
  • Sew something... ... ummm... uncheck.


  1. ...a lot of things to do!!!!!and so little time!!but please without stress i hope!!!have a nice day!!

  2. those prints look great! what an inviting nook! and Kurt and I discovered guitar hero the other week... holy addicting! we're getting two guitars for xmas from my dad.

  3. So glad my Nick isn't into video games. I'd never see him. He won't allow early gift opening of any kinds. I'm not even allowed to open birthday cards early!

  4. Isn't it great to check things off? Just a pity the lists never seem to stop growing.
    Those prints are lovely.


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